Creating EPUB ebooks with InDesign CS5: Training Course

During some research on using Adobe’s InDesign to create EPUB documents I came across this UK training course entitled, “Creating ePubs with InDesign”, which is being run by Highlander, one of the UK’s oldest and most successful training providers for the creative, web and marketing sectors.

They have two 1 Day sessions available in March and April (London, UK) and the course will cover everything from an introduction to EPUB documents, to setting up paragraph and character styles, to setting up metadata, to covering the processes involved in converting the exported EPUB files to other ebook formats – I presume the Amazon Kindle will be covered, but there is no mention of it on their website.

You’ll need to have previous experience with Adobe’s InDesign CS5 software and it’ll also be useful if you have some previous knowledge of HTML and CSS, although it’s not a requirement.

Here’s a (shortened) outline of the course details;

  • Overview
    • EPUB vs. PDF
    • Supported devices
    • What is kept and what is lost in EPUB?
  • Overview of InDesign long documents
  • Adobe Digital Editions reader
    • Evaluating an EPUB in Digital Editions
  • Modifying documents for EPUB export
  • Video and your eBook
  • Managing images for EPUB export
  • The Export Process
    • Embed metadata
    • Embed fonts
  • What is the EPUB format
    • Converting EPUB to other eBook formats
    • Applications used to create eBooks
    • Applications used to read eBooks
    • Applications used to convert eBooks to other eBook formats
    • Other eBook formats

If you’re a UK resident then this could be a really useful course for anybody who needs to use InDesign CS5 for exporting to EPUB, but please note that this is not an official endorsement as I have no previous knowledge of Highlander. However, according to their website, they’ve been running all kinds of training sessions since 1995 and are an authorised Adobe Training Centre, so I would expect the quality of their courses to be of a good standard.

The 1 Day course price is £350 and there are currently two sessions available; 3rd March and 28th April 2011. You can book your place at

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4 thoughts on “Creating EPUB ebooks with InDesign CS5: Training Course”

  1. We are offering something similar in the states. We are also Adobe Authorized (have been since 1993). We are running a series of 3 classes on Feb 28-Mar 3 in Atlanta.

    We will be rolling it out across the country in Q2.

    Our outline is available at

    The five day is $2295.

    It consists of three separate classes though, which can be registered for individually.

    The first two days focusses on interactive shorter documents. It will cover Digital Publishing Suite functionality (which creates a .issue file, not a .epub) as well as creating pdf files optimized for iPad iBooks.

    The secon two days focusses on ePub proper, as well as .kindle.

    The last day focuses more on general business issues surrounding epubs including marketing (how to work best with Apple, Google, Amazon, etc., how to get an ISBN (ISSN for serial publications, etc.)

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