Feedbooks RSS tool converts to EPUB

Feedbooks are at it again, now they’ve gone and updated their RSS tool to include conversions to the ePub format! I’ve been playing around with this and it’s a really cool app – you can even supply your own RSS feeds. The converter actually outputs to a number of different formats including;

  • ePub
  • Mobipocket/Kindle
  • PDF
  • Sony Reader (PDF)
  • iLiad

Hadrien, Feedbooks co-founder, posted that along with adding support for ePub and Mobipocket, the files will generate much faster and there is also an “API endpoint for developers to create applications (such as iNewsStand on the iLiad).”

He also notes;

The sweet part is probably for Kindle owners, or people using Mobipocket files on a wireless device. You can directly update your feeds/newspapers from your device. Create your own newspaper with your daily reading, click on the update link inside the file and you get your own newspaper every morning!

If you’re a Kindle owner and need more detailed instructions on how to set this up, visit the “Free RSS Feeds on your Kindle” link over on MobileRead.

The output of the feeds in the ePub format looks fine when using Digital Editions, but with no ePub ready mobile device to test on I had to try them out using the Sony Reader compatible PDF (yep, still no news on the Sony/Digital Editions firmware update for reading ePub files directly on the Sony Reader.) The output is simple but more than adequate for reading RSS news feeds.

Feedbooks will not be enabling images for this first release but I have to say, this is already looking like a really nice tool…especially if your reading device has WiFi capabilities.

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