ePub Books Project Part 1: An Introduction

In this three part series I am going to introduce the ePub Books Project; a project to convert the Project Gutenberg Plain Vanilla .txt eBooks to the .epub format and make them available to download for free. In these articles I’ll be talking about how the project came into being, the current status, and how I hope to develop it in the future.

When I first setup the ePub Books blog the sole intention was for it to be a platform where I could discuss my experiences as I learn to produce .epub formatted documents from a ‘Master Format’, and with the hope that others may also find the information useful.

The world of ePub has taken off considerably quicker than I, and many other people would have thought and as a result the objectives of both my eBook project and that of the of the ePub Books website have changed.

As I work through and learn about the epub conversion process I will also start work on setting up ePubBooks.com as a repository. This will be a place where anyone can come along and download ePub formatted eBooks (no DRM) for use on whatever epub compatible reading platform they may have.

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