Book Ratings and Reviews

One feature that I’ve been wanting to add to epubBooks for several years now is the ability to rate and review books — I’m pleased to announce that that is now finally possible!

To be able to added these features I’ve also had to implement User Accounts. The added bonus of this is that I can now start thinking about what additional functionality I can add to provide a better user experience.

The signup process is very straight forward. Click here to Sign up.

Rating Books

This is super simple; just click the stars under the author name, giving your rating of 1-5. You can update your rating at anytime by clicking a different star.

Writing a Book Review

Scroll down the book page until you reach the “Your Review” box (to the left of the “excerpt” section on desktops, above on mobile devices), then click on the “Write a Review!” button. On the new page you have a text box where you can tell us what you think of you the book. You’ll also be able to provide/adjust your rating score here too.

NOTE: all new reviews will be held in moderation until an administrator manually accepts them. I hope to have something more automated in the future, but for the moment this will be the only way to make sure we don’t get a ton of spam!

User Account Dashboard

You can access your Dashboard by clicking the round icon in the top right of the page. From here you can see a bookshelf of all the books you’ve downloaded, along with viewing the books you’ve reviewed. At present the dashboard is pretty basic but over the coming weeks I’ll try to improve things. If you have any thoughts about this please do let me know.

Registration is Free. Sign up here.

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