Amazon Kindle Support

Over the last few years the focus of epubBooks has been to provide very high quality EPUB ebooks from many of the great classic authors such as Jane Austin, Charles Dickens, Author Conan Doyle and Beatrix Potter, and for all for free, but up until now we’ve not supported the Amazon Kindle.

In truth, I’d always hoped that Amazon would start supporting the EPUB format and allow their Kindle users to upload all our titles directly to their eReaders. Although there have been rumours, nothing ever came of them and I’m not honestly expecting that to change in the next few years. Therefore, we’ve decided to bite the bullet and start providing ebooks in both the EPUB and Kindle MOBI formats.

After some experimentation we’ve decided to only provide ebooks in the .mobi format as this gives the greatest flexibility for all Kindle users — you can upload files directly via USB or send them to your Kindle email account — both of these features we’re not possible with either the AZW or KF8 formats, unless all three Amazon formats were packaged together (the kindlegen default) into one very large file, but that made the file sizes 3x that of the EPUBs, and this seemed a waste of everyone’s resources.

I’m still experimenting with the MOBI styling so they may not yet look quite as good as our EPUB3 ebooks, but they are more than acceptable.

Until I’ve fully automated the conversion and upload process the number of new titles added to epubBooks each day will slow down a little (browse the latest additions here), but the great news now is that all eReaders as well as Amazon Kindle users can enjoy our free ebooks!

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