Reading Free EPUB books on the Nook

A few weeks back Barnes & Noble released their hugely successful Nook eReader in the UK. To help them promote their reader to the Brits they’ve partnered with a large number of existing retailers, which will mean you’ll be able to buy the Nook from over 2,500 locations throughout the UK including; Argos, Asda, Blackwell’s, Dixon’s, Foyles and Sainsbury’s.

One of the big advantages with the Nook, as with Amazon’s Kindle, is that you can buy books directly from the device itself. However, and unfortunately for us, B&N charge for many of their classics (as much as 3.99!), but not to fear. Here on we have all the most popular classics and all of which are free to download and read.

How to download EPUB books to the Nook

It’s actually very easy to transfer an EPUB on to the Nook reader, so much so that a simple list will suffice;

  1. Connect the Nook to your computer via a USB cable and navigate to the Nook USB drive; “My Computer” on Windows or the “Desktop” on Mac OS X.
  2. Download an EPUB to your desktop (perhaps Sherlock Holmes or Alice in Wonderland).
  3. Drag-and-drop the ebook from your computer to the “my documents” folder of the Nook.
  4. Once the file has finished transferring, eject the device from your computer and unplug the Nook USB cable; right-click on the Nook drive and select the Eject option.
  5. Start Reading!

Download EPUB books to the Nook HD and HD+

If you happen to have a Nook HD then you can use the built-in web browser to visit the website and download directly to you Nook – no cables and no computer necessary.

How to find the Free EPUB ebooks on epubBooks

At present I don’t have an easy way to select just the free EPUB downloads on the site. It is something I want to fix but it’s still a little way off. In the meantime you will need to visit the book listing page, select the “Free” price, which will narrow the results to something more manageable.

For UK residents, you could just head on over to epubBooks UK, which has only the free downloads listed.

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